Education and Youth Development

Education and Youth Development

CSCM is Minnesota’s leading Somali education and youth development agency. We focus on building skills, creating safe spaces for young people to express themselves, and educating youth.

CSCM offers a range of education programming, including our Newcomer Academy, an innovative and effective in-school and afterschool program designed to help newly arrived refugee students catch up, keep up, and get ahead. We help newcomer students learn English, acculturate to the United States, graduate from high school, and succeed in college and career.

Youth Development:
CSCM’s Youth Development programs targets youth between the ages of 14 and 24 Twin Cities Metro Area. We provides youth with a safe and supportive environment which encourages positive interaction and social and emotional development. We focus on enrichment opportunities, including activities and experiences that promote academic, personal, social and recreational development. We offer mentoring and tutoring as well artistic and cultural self-expression opportunities as well as access to some of the things young people care about most–sports and technology. Through education, work, and play we strive to provide young people with the critical skills they need to succeed in life.

Youth Leadership:
CSCM is dedicated to providing dynamic and relevant programming which equip today’s youth to successfully navigate life’s challenges. This program seeks to increase youth’s knowledge in leadership development for the at-risk middle and high school youth. It focuses on academic achievement, school attendance, risky behavior prevention, social skill development, conflict resolution, financial literacy and creating safe recreational activities during after school and out of school time.

Connecting Generations:
CSCM helps create bridges between generations, working to create positive relationships with parents and youth in order to promote healthy, effective, honest and open communication. CSCM’s works with parents to build community and social capital, situating educational activity in the lived experience of being Somali in Minnesota, and raising parents’ consciousness about their situations and their own power to