CSCM Joins Somali Lobbying Efforts at the MN Capitol

Building Strength Together

CSCM Joins Somali Lobbying Efforts at the MN Capitol

Minnesota’s largest Somali nonprofits are teaming up to present a unified lobbying front to the state this winter.

In recent months, the leaders of eight Somali community groups joined forces on several projects, hired a lobbyist and scored face time with the state’s lieutenant governor. Now, the new coalition is gearing up to ask state legislators for about $11 million for Somali community initiatives, building on $2 million Gov. Mark Dayton earmarked for such projects in this year’s budget.

“Why not combine our separate efforts and do a better collaborative effort?” said Mohamud Noor, head of the Confederation of Somali Community, a coalition member.

Spearheaded by the Minneapolis Foundation, the initiative is also a bid to nudge Somali-American nonprofits to better track and report results.

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